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Chicago Porch Compliance offers a variety of porch, deck, balcony and masonry services.  
With over 15 years of experience, rest assured we are your Chicago porch experts.
Everything from inspections, builds, repairs and removals.  

Chicago Porch Compliance provides:

  • check.pngFree Porch Estimates
  • check.pngFree Inspections
  • check.pngArchitectural Blueprints
  • check.pngPlat of Survey's
  • check.pngExpediting
  • check.pngComprehensive footing and all final inspections
  • check.pngRequired Permits
  • check.pngCourt Appearances 


Porch, Deck, Balcony:

  • check.pngCustom Porches (Wood or Steel)  (Code Violations)
  • check.pngFront Porches 
  • check.pngPorch Enclosures 
  • check.pngMulti Level Porches 
  • check.pngDecks 
  • check.pngYard Decks & Stairs 
  • check.pngCustom Decks 
  • check.pngMulti Level Decks 
  • check.pngFront Porch 
  • check.pngDeck Enclosures
  • check.pngRoof-Top Decks
  • check.pngGazebos Pergolas and Arbors



  • check.pngLintels
  • check.pngI-beams
  • check.pngParapet Walls
  • check.pngChimneys
  • check.pngChemical Washing
  • check.pngSand Blasting
  • check.pngMasonry Related Code Violations

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