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Get a consultation by phone or web form.  Free estimates upon request via our website or phone.  Guaranteed chicago code compliance within the city of Chicago, on all code related violations.

LIC #TG C021387

We are licensed, bonded & insured to provide porch, deck, masonry and roofing services. We offer full architectural and structural engineering services as well as permit and expediting.

Chicago Porch Compliance


  • Custom Porches
  • Enclosures  
  • Front Porches
  • Porch Enclosures
  • Multi Level Porches 
  •  Front Porch 


  •  Yard Decks & Stairs
  • Custom Decks
  • Multi Level Decks 
  • Deck Enclosures
  • Garage Decks
  • Roof-top decks


  • Masonry Violations
  • Lintels
  • I-beams
  • Tuckpointing
  • Chimneys
  • Roofing

"Our building meets all of the guidelines and we have avoided many violations."
-Jake Johnson

"We saved tons of money. Our deck looks fantastic and is up to regulation."
-Michael Dusanto

"Quality work is hard to find now a days. Good thing we have our new porch guys!"
-Jose Ramirez

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